INOX Jewelry Brown Leather with Cappuccino Plated Anchor Bracelet

# BR19507CAP

INOX Jewelry Brown Leather with Cappuccino Plated Anchor Bracelet

# BR19507CAP

Men's Cappuccino Plated Anchor and Brown Leather Bracelet with Anchor Loop Toggle Clasp, 8.5" long.

Thin Blue Line Jewelry by INOX Reminiscent of the blue in their uniforms, the thin blue line emblem has multiple meanings, all around the same concept, Police officers standing as the thin line that protects society from good and evil, chaos and order. It is also considered an homage to those fallen in the line of duty as it represents the thin line between life and death that officers face everyday. This solemn jewelry collection honors the uniformed members of our community and their families as they put their life on the line so ours may be safer.

Using Anchor Loop Toggle Adjustable Link:

1. Identify the toggle and loop on your bracelet. The toggle is the anchor-shaped component, while the loop is the circular component.
2. Hold the bracelet with one hand and use your other hand to grip the toggle.
3. Gently pull the toggle away from the loop. The loop should start to open slightly.
4. Once the loop has opened enough, slide the toggle through the loop.
5. Once the toggle is through the loop, release the toggle, and it should naturally fall back into its original position, securing the bracelet in place.
6. To remove the bracelet, simply follow the same steps in reverse: grip the toggle, pull it away from the loop, and slide it out of the loop.

Watch a video on how to use this clasp, Click here.


Product Details

Name Brown Leather with Cappuccino Plated Anchor Bracelet
Stock Number BR19507CAP
Department Fashion
Type Bracelet
Collection Nautical

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